Che Simpson

Digital Learning Designer


Creative and engaging courses that utilise comics, photography, videography, audio, text and animated diagrams.

Visual Design

Thoroughly researched info-graphics, newsletters, posters and other imagery that create a visual analogy and tell a story.

Video & Photo

Live and animated corporate communications and explainer videos that engage and educate viewers.

"I build clean, simple and engaging digital learning experiences using visual, audible and kinesthetic engagement."

Recent Projects

Visual Design



eLearning Creation Process

While it is tempting to be purely creative when developing an elearning course, it is worthwhile having an awareness or appreciation of the following: Risk management Planning Communicating Content gathering Instructional design Storyboarding Production Quality assurance Integration The risk equation is risk = likelihood x consequences. Risk management can form the first step of the…

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Engaging eLearning

Creating elearning that is designed to engage adults for the entirety of the module is not always easy. Many elearning courses that you would have come across can be boring at best. I’m sure you know the type – OHS is one type that immediately springs to mind but there are others. The type of…

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eLearning is usually developed using the ADDIE model. ADIE stands for Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. ADDIE is an iterative process as any step can be revisited at any time. A quick overview of each step follows. Analyse – this is all the foundation work. The hard yards. It includes: Analyse the requirements of…

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eLearning Multimedia

eLearning would be pretty boring without multimedia elements such as html, graphics, photos, videos, audio, and interaction. It’s actually not possible to create an elearning course without the use of multimedia. eLearning, by its nature, is built using multimedia. Multimedia makes elearning more appealing to learners. It appeals to different learning styles, and engages in…

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Adult Learner Characteristics

Malcolm Knowles, an American practitioner and theorist of adult education, popularised the theory of andragogy. Knowles defined Andragogy as ‘the art and science of helping adults learn.’ According to the theory of andragogy, adults learn better by collaborating and solving problems, rather than passively absorbing information. Knowles developed 5 characteristics of adult learners: Adults like…

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